Must-Try Party Makeup Trends of the Season

Party season's arrived, and we've got your back with an array of stunning makeup looks you can easily recreate. Whether you're a makeup pro or just starting out, these trending styles—from graphic metallic liners to vibrant cherry lips—are sure to impress. Dive into our refined selection of party makeup looks and get ready to shine!

  • Fusing timeless elegance with a trendy twist, we're bringing you the iconic classic red lips infused with the coveted cherry red aesthetic. This trend, reigning on Instagram and poised for 2024, features a bold cherry red lip paired flawlessly with gold shimmery eyes and luscious lashes coated generously with mascara.

Get the Look: 

  • Soft Matte Cream Lipstick (Born Star/Magic Carpet/Deep thoughts) 

  • Double Volume Mascara


  • Embrace the resurgence of metallics that dominated various Autumn/Winter 2023 collections, now making a striking entrance into the makeup scene. We're elevating the game with graphic liners crafted from dazzling metallic shades. Here's a pro tip: Experiment by blending two complementary metallic hues to achieve an eye-catching ombre effect with your graphic liners.

Get the Look: 

  • Dual-Fold Liquid Gel 

  • 01 Pigment Tower (7 in 1) 

  • Eyeliner brush 122

  • Celebrate the party season with an unbeatable trend: the chrome eye look! But why stop there when you can double the impact with duo chrome eyes? It's the perfect way to make a grand statement as the year draws to a close. Whether you amplify the effect with a bold lip or balance the drama with a more subtle shade, your eyes will steal the spotlight and leave everyone talking.

Get the Look: 

  • Spotlight Duo Chrome Eyeshadow X8


  • Join the party in Barbieland! While Barbie's left the theater, her iconic party look remains a strong trend, known for its simple yet impactful style. Recreating this look guarantees the right amount of attention without feeling overdone. Here's the trick: Pair a mauve pink lipstick with a subtly shimmered eye base and elevate the allure with volumizing mascara for that perfect touch of drama.

Get the Look: 

  • Insanely Matte Lip Crayon Pink Armour/Pinky Promise 

  • Pure Pigmented Eyeshadow 05 Rose


  • Let's dive into *Siren* The Gloss! This look blends captivating siren eyes with a luscious glossy lip, ideal for the current weather without overshadowing your mesmerizing eyes. To add a little extra flair, consider highlighting the high points of your face with a touch of highlighter.

Get the Look: 

  • Spotlight Gel Liner

  • Baked Highlighter 

  • Transparent Lip Gloss


We've shared our top picks for party makeup looks this season, now it's your turn. Drop a comment below to tell us your favorite and which trend you'll be rocking this party season!


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