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Limited Edition Brush Kit

Unlock the magic of every eye look

Inspired by the shimmering fusion of gold & copper

A collection of


Handcrafted Brushes

Why you’ll love it

Natural & Synthetic

Softest Bristles

Better Grip

Optimal Blending

Comes along with

A Luxe Rose Gold Pouch

to store your brushes.


with precision

Add some sparkle to your vanity Enhance your eye makeup game

Treat yourself to luxurious and timeless brushes

Brush Kit includes:

Tapered Blending Brush

Used for blending eyeshadow on the crease in circular motions

Large Blending Brush

A fluffy blending brush to smoothen out the crease

Medium Blending Brush

Easy for precise blending in windshield wiper motion

Small Blending Brush

Blend your eyeshadow with precision using this brush

Big Eyeshadow Applicator

To pack your eyeshadow

Cut Crease Brush

Chiselled brush for creating that perfect cut crease in one go

Medium Eyeshadow Applicator

It’s a medium eyeshadow brush used for applying any shimmer or matte eyeshadow

Small Eyeshadow Applicator

Used for applying eyeshadow in the inner corner with precision

Flat Eyeshadow Applicator

Used for packing eyeshadow on the lower & upper lash line. Can also be used for eyebrows

Smudger Brush

Used for smudging your kohls liners & eyeshadow to create the smokey effect

Pencil Brush

Used for precise application in the inner & outer corners of your eyes

Eyebrow Brush

Used for defining your eyebrows & comes with a spoolie

Eyeliner Brush

Helps in creating precise lines with finish

Big Angular Brush

Used to create wing liners with ease

Small Angular Brush

Used to experiment with your graphic liner looks

Use these brushes with cream and powder shadows, liquid or gel eyeliners, brow pomade, and brow makeup.

Beauty is Magical

Beauty is You !