IRIS LUXE One Month Lenses (1 Pair)

IRIS LUXE One Month Lenses (1 Pair)


  • Amber
  • Cobalt Blue
  • Moonstone
  • Pacific Opal
  • Topaz
  • Crystal

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Elevate your eye game with PAC Iris Monthly Contact Lenses. Coloured contact lenses that allow you to change your eye colour and create a look that’s subtle, bold or anywhere in between — whether you want to enhance your everyday look or rock a crazy design for other special occasions. These premium monthly contact lenses are super comfortable, and one of the best in the market. These premium contact lenses can be worn throughout the day without any irritation.

PAC is one of the Best Coloured Contact Lenses in India. Monthly eye lenses are perfect for everyday users. These coloured contact lenses are without power. PAC’s Iris Contact Lenses enhance your look, mood, makeup, and personality. Its premium and soft lenses make your eyes look stunning with stylish visuals, comfort and performance. It has colours for every mood. From blue contact lenses to brown contact lenses, to grey contact lenses PAC has got it all!

6 stunning shades:

1. Amber

2. Topaz

3. Crystal

4. Pacific opal

5. Cobalt blue

6. Moonstone

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Why It's Different?

  • All day wearability: Lens designed for comfort
  • Available in 6 colours that suits all Indian skin tones
  • Coloured lenses that blends seamlessly with your natural eye colour
  • Comes along with a tweezer & case to store your lens.
  • Zero power monthly contact lenses

How to use

  • Wash hands and dry them using a lint-free towel
  • Place the contact lens on the tip of your finger (which should be no wetter than your eye or the contact lens) and tuck your other fingers out of the way
  • Look slightly across your nose in the mirror dragging your bottom eyelid down with your other finger
  • Place the contact lens, press gently but firmly and then release your eyelid
  • Massage the contact lens into place through the lids or blink a couple of times.
  • Store it in the case after each use filled with lens solution.


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