Midnight Metal Series (27 Makeup Brush Set)

Midnight Metal Series (27 Makeup Brush Set)


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Beauty mavens, assemble! Get ready to bring your A-game to the beauty arena with our most-promising brush series so far— the PAC Midnight Metal. Premium, professional, and powered by perfection, these 27 synthetic brushes will help you seize every makeup look with ease. Awakening your prowess every time you hold one of these brushes, their metallic luxe black handles only make them look grandiose. This brushes set for makeup is crafted to meet all your blending, stippling, buffing, applying, and contouring needs. A staple for professionals and a ‘must’ for budding makeup artists, these PAC face brushes come neatly arranged in a travel-friendly zipper case for a hassle-free experience. It also has a flap cover to maintain the newness and shape of the premium-quality bristles. With 14 face brushes, 12 eye brushes and 1 lip brush, this glam-packed series is the end game for makeup blunders. Go on, make every sweep worth it with this PAC face makeup brush set.

14 Face Brushes
Small Round Powder Applicator – Ideal for applying powder on hard-to-reach areas with ease.
Large Round Powder Brush – Use it to gently sweep powder on larger areas such as your face, neck, décolletage, and more.
Large Angled Contour Brush – Ideal for contouring and bronzing. You can use it to sculpt and add dimension to your face.
Small Flat Blush Applicator – Used for applying and blending your blush for a natural rosy pop!
Flat Foundation Applicator – It applies foundation or any cream product perfectly on your skin.
Large Dome Brush – A fluffy feather-soft brush for removing excess baking powder or to get a soft blush effect.
Curved Small Powder Brush – Ideal for applying powder to nose and under-eye areas. You can use it for applying blush too.
Medium Round Highlighter Brush – Smear on your favorite highlighter on the apple of your cheeks, nose, or anywhere for that most-wanted glow.
Small Flat Applicator – Ideal for applying cream products, contouring, or highlighting your nose and other areas.
Small Flat Buffing Brush – Used for buffing cream products such as foundation, blush, contour, and more in hard-to-reach areas.
Big Flat Buffing Brush – A go-to for buffing creams such as foundation, blush, and more on larger areas such as your cheeks, forehead, neck, etc.
Small Powder Applicator – It has feather-soft bristles to apply powder to areas where your big brushes cannot reach.
Large Curved Powder Applicator – Used for applying powder in sweeping strokes for a flawless finish.
Small Dome Brush – Ideal for smearing powder on under-eyes areas.

12 Eye Brushes
Small Eyeliner Brush – Use it with gel or any eyeliner to create the cleanest lines.
Small Angular Eyebrow Brush – Works best for filling in your eyebrows so they look ‘on fleek’.
Small Flat Eyeshadow Applicator – Ideal for packing your favorite eyeshadow exactly where it should be.
Medium Dome Flat Eyeshadow Brush – A go-to for blending eyeshadow in the creases.
Small Dome Pencil Brush – Ideal for smudging the eyeshadow for that smokey eye look.
Round Eyeshadow Blending Brush – Does the hardest work! It blends your eyeshadow for that perfect pop.
Angular Blending Brush – Used for blending product on the outer areas and around your eyes or to deliver that perfect cat-eye look.
Dome-shaped Blending Brush – Use it for blending eyeshadow to create infinite eye looks.
Medium Dome-shaped Brush – Use it for smudging your eyeshadows effortlessly.
Large Eyeshadow Blending Brush – It is used for buffing eyeshadow on the lid with ease.
Medium Blending Brush – Sweep, blend, and buff any eyeshadow with this brush for a seamless finish.
Sharp Flat Eye Brush – Cut crease with this sharp flat eye brush to experiment with more shades and shadows.

1 Lip Brush
Lip Brush – Ideal for applying lip colour with precision for that perfect pout.”

Additional information

Made In

PB weight Display

Name & Address of Importer

PAC Cosmetics Private Limited, Shop No. 1 Woodrow Building Veera Desai Road opp. Veera Desai Police station, Andheri West, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Why It's Different?

  • 27 premium-quality synthetic brushes with luxe metallic black handles.
  • Cruelty-free, vegan, ultra-soft and skin-friendly bristles suitable for all skin types.
  • Ideal professional makeup brush kit for blending, stippling, buffing, contouring, applying and creating textures.
  • Comes arranged in a travel-friendly zipper case with a flap cover for protecting the shape of the bristles.
  • 14 face brushes, 12 eye brushes, and 1 lip brush in this full makeup brush set for professional and budding makeup artists.

How to use

Use it for blending, stippling, buffing, contouring, applying and creating textures.


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