Cult-Favorite Makeup Essentials By PAC Your Vanity Needs!

Whether you're just starting as a makeup artist or you're a seasoned professional looking to level up your game, these PAC essentials can work wonders, making your makeup routine smoother than ever! So, we believe they most definitely deserve a prime spot in your makeup bag. 

Makeup Remover Wipes 

Removing makeup is just as crucial as applying it. An efficient makeup remover like our Clean Slate Wipes or Take It Off Cleansing Cream can help you achieve a clean canvas. It's like hitting the reset button for your face, ensuring you bid farewell to every ounce of foundation, mascara, and glitter without rubbing your skin raw. And the best part is it leaves your skin feeling nourished and hydrated! 

Makeup Brushes:

Think of makeup brushes as your magic wands. They’re the underrated tool behind every flawless look. From effortlessly applying foundation to blending a sultry smokey eye, the right brushes are total game-changers. Pro tip: You can quickly up your makeup skills by investing in high-quality brushes, such as our Absolute Basics (14 brushes) which are suitable for professionals as well as beginners! 

Makeup Brush Cleanser:

Picture this: You’ve got your brushes, they’re your tools for creating art on your face. But remember, they need some tender loving care too! Our Instant Brush Cleaner keeps those bristles soft, clean, and ready to create masterpieces without transferring any product onto your new canvas, all of this in under 2 minutes! Additionally, our cleaner extends the bristles' lifespan, leaving them as good as new. 

Setting Sprays:

Your situationships might not last longer, but your Makeup could! Our Micro Finish Makeup Fixer is the best way to go if you want your makeup to withstand any weather changes, sweat, and even those occasional emotional moments. It perfectly seals your makeup in place for up to 12 hours, making sure it doesn’t budge or smudge all day! 


It is essential to prime your face before you even think about applying your foundation or eyeshadow. Face primers and eye primers are the unsung heroes that prep your skin, creating a smooth base for your makeup to adhere to. Our Transparent Primer can be worn alone or under your makeup to make it last longer and blur imperfections. Additionally, our Canvas Shadow Primer is a must-have to ensure those eyeshadows pop and are crease-free.

Why should these Makeup champs be in your makeup bag? 

Simple. They are the secret sauce to elevating your makeup game from amateur to pro level. Skipping any of these essentials is like trying to bake a cake without flour—it just won’t work.

Remember, makeup is an art form, and just like any artist, you need the right tools. These underrated essentials shouldn’t be underestimated—they’re the behind-the-scenes MVPs that make the magic happen.

The next time you’re browsing through PAC’s makeup aisle, don’t overlook these gems. Your makeup bag will thank you, your face will thank you, and your future flawless selfies will also thank you!

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