How to Effectively Clean Your Gel Eyeliner Brushes

How to Effectively Clean Your Gel Eyeliner Brushes
Your Gel eyeliner brush is your best friend especially when it comes to acing your eyeliner game, ensuring they’re always on fleek! But even our best friend can soon become a sworn enemy if not given the tender loving care it deserves. Your perfect eyeliner could start to look clumpy, uneven, and tacky if your brush is not sanitized well with a lot of product build-up. So, it is absolutely essential that you clean your gel eyeliner brush as often as you can, not just for hygiene reasons but also to ensure that your eyeliner game always looks perfect.

There are many hacks and tips that you can find online to clean your gel eyeliner brush; some mention using oil, some say soaking it in dishwashing soap will help, while others use makeup removers and shampoos to clean their brushes. But most people don’t understand that in the long run, they are damaging the bristles which could cause the hair to fall off or break because of brittleness. So what can you do? Below we have mentioned two effective solutions for cleaning your gel eyeliner brush without damaging your brush. Since we’re being honest with you here, we also want to add that these solutions would also help prolong the lifespan of your brush.

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  • PAC’s Instant Brush Cleaner: As the name suggests, this brush cleaner will clean your brush in 2 minutes, making it ready for instant use. And guess what? You don’t even need to use water! Yes, that’s right! It has an anti-bacterial formula that helps disinfect your brushes, keeping them germ-free and sanitized while preventing skin allergies (a common after-effect of using internet hacks like dishwasher, shampoo, etc., for cleaning). This rich formula can effortlessly remove waterproof and thick formula products, eliminating any traces of the product. It is also infused with citrus extracts to condition and retain the natural sheen of your bristles, keeping them as good as brand new.

  • PAC’s Solid Brush Cleanser: This deep cleansing and conditioning soap bar helps maintain your brush’s pristine condition. It effectively gets rid of any traces of dirt, grime, germs, and product build-up. It also helps remove stains of highly pigmented products, so you don’t have to worry about your intense gel eyeliner ruining your brush. The cleansing pad has anti-bacterial properties to disinfect your brushes, while its conditioning properties keep your bristles soft, preventing them from getting stiff or losing shape. What's better? This compact cleaner is also travel-friendly and super easy to use.

By using any of the two solutions to clean your gel eyeliner brush, you would not only be doing yourself a favor by ensuring your eye game is always on fleek but also significantly prolong your brush’s lifespan. These solutions are not only time-saving and cost-efficient but can be used on all brushes, making them a worthwhile investment for your makeup vanity.

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