How to Pick between Pencil and Liquid Eyeliners?

How to Pick between Pencil and Liquid Eyeliners?

The challenge of picking the right eyeliner has always been a struggle - especially for those who don’t know how to differentiate between them. There is much to consider before picking a liner such as the formulation, the application technique, staying power, and so much more!

While there are a variety of eyeliners available in the market, they can be categorized into two common types, Liquid Liners and Pencil Eyeliners. But how do you decide which one is better? Or which one would work better for you? Well, you’re about to find out. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the difference between these two eyeliners. 

Types of Eyeliners:

Both liners feature different formulas and require a different kind of technique and neatness. Therefore, it is essential that you know the difference between each product so you can use it in the best possible way for flawless results.  

Brush Tip Liquid Liner: Similar to a paintbrush, this eyeliner requires a lot of precision, concentration, and a steady hand to create perfect thin, sharp strokes. Unlike a felt tip liquid liner, you would need to allow a brush tip liquid liner more time to dry but thankfully, less effort to remove. These liquid liners are available in matte and glossy formulations and are mostly water-proof and smudge-proof. One such liner is the PAC Smart Tip Liquid Liner featuring a no-fray tip (Hence, the name!) that allows you to create fine strokes easily and effortlessly. It is also waterproof, fade-resistant, and won’t run, making it perfect for any weather condition. 

Felt Tip Liquid Liner: One of the most loved liquid liners is the one with a felt tip and for all good reasons! Why? Because of how convenient they are to hold, guide, and apply bold strokes. Even if you are a beginner, learning how to ace your eyeliner, this felt tip liquid liner would make it a whole lot easier for you. It would also add just the right amount of drama to your eyes when opting for a smokey-eye look. Our PAC AccuPro Eye Liner is one such liner that glides effortlessly without tugging, flaking, feathering, or smudging. While this matte liner dries quickly, it stays put all day so you don’t need to worry about touching up your eyeliner, like, at all! If you’re still struggling with lining your eyes, you can use the felt tip to create a guide by slightly pressing down the felt tip sideways at the corners of your eyes. Once you are satisfied with the wing, you can go over it and connect it by drawing a fine line to the inner corner of your eyes. This liner allows you to create multiple eye looks from a classic cat eye and a double-winged liner to edgy graphic eye looks. 

Pencil Eyeliner: By now almost everyone might have come across a pencil eyeliner in their life because pencil eyeliners have been around for so long. However, while you are aware of a pencil eyeliner, you might not be aware of how it is different from liquid eyeliners or its features. But not to worry, this blog is exactly for that! Basically, a pencil eyeliner helps you define your eyes with an intense color that will make your eyes pop. These liners can be applied to tightline the top lashline and as a kohl to the bottom of your waterline. You can also apply it to the top eyelid to create a super dramatic effect or a smoked eye look that is bound to attract a lot of attention. The PAC Everlasting Eye Pencil is a pencil liner that will surely spice up your eye game thanks to its rich pigments and staying power. It is also one of our favorites as it is waterproof and smudge-proof, making it perfect for every season!

Retractable Pencil Eyeliner: This liner is the holy grail for individuals who love the effect of using pencil eyeliners but hate the struggle of sharpening them. Not only are they easier to hold and use, but they also glide on easily without the pencil tip tugging or poking your eyelid. If you’re looking for a retractable pencil liner, then PAC’s Kohl Supreme has you covered! This pencil is perfect if you have sensitive eyes and is extremely pigmented, making it your go-to pencil for an intense smudged kohl look. The only drawback is that if you twist too much, bringing up a lot of product, it could break off. So, we suggest you be mindful of how much product you retract before application.

In a nutshell, liquid eyeliners and pencil eyeliners both have their pros and cons. While some might prefer liquid liners for their precision, clean, and minimalistic look, others might prefer pencil eyeliners for the intense drama that they offer. Similarly, you might also want to experiment with both types of liners based on the occasion or mood. Therefore, picking the best one out of them would depend entirely on you and your preference. But whatever it may be, we won’t judge because we happen to love them both equally! Are you team liquid eyeliners or pencil eyeliners? Let us know in the comments below.

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