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Summer is officially here and it is no surprise that many people, including you, might have already started experiencing an issue with their makeup base. You may use the most luxe foundation, high-coverage concealer, and pigmented blush in your favorite shade, but all that effort will go to waste if your makeup won’t stay in place.

Considering the recent heatwaves and humid conditions, one might be close to even being tagged as ‘a hot mess’ and we don’t mean it as a compliment. So, how can you avoid this makeup catastrophe? Stick around and you’ll find out in this article.

Makeup Fixers - Your Summer Bestie!

By now you must have heard about makeup fixers but don’t know what exactly it does for you or why you need them because if you did, they would have already been a part of your makeup routine.

Basically, a makeup fixer is the final product and most crucial step in your makeup routine to ensure your makeup looks flawless and doesn’t budge, melt, crease, fade, or transfer. It helps prolong your makeup wear even through sweat, rain, or water, locking it in place for hours. Whether you have a hot swim date, a pool party to attend, or a wedding reception, a makeup fixer has your back and will ensure you look as good as new.

Benefits of a Makeup Fixer: What’s in It for You?

  • Extends makeup wear: If you are tired of sweat ruining your look and causing makeup to melt, you definitely need a makeup fixer. It will help you battle sweat and dust, ensuring your makeup doesn’t budge. Our 24H Makeup Fixer is India’s First Patented Bridal Makeup Fixer Formula that helps lock makeup for 24 hours! Yes, you heard that right! This powerful fixer is sweatproof, waterproof, and shineproof, making it perfect for brides.
  • Mattifies makeup and controls oil: If your makeup starts to look oily and shifts soon after applying your makeup, then a makeup fixer can help you prevent this from happening. A makeup fixer helps control oil and offers a zero-shine matte finish.
  • Hydrates skin: If you have dry skin or use powder products for your base and your makeup might develop cracks after a few hours of application, a makeup fixer is the best solution. It will give your skin just the right amount of hydration to prevent cracks and flaky makeup. One such fixer is our Micro Finish Makeup Fixer infused with skin-loving ingredients that nurture and hydrate your skin! You can apply it before, during, and after makeup application to ensure your skin is hydrated and won’t look patchy.
  • Offers an air-brushed look: Another favorite benefit of using a makeup fixer is how easy it is to achieve an air-brushed base! Just dampen your favorite beauty blender, and mist the makeup fixer onto your beauty blender before applying your foundation for a seamless and flawless base. Thus delivering the quickest lightweight air-brushed makeup.

So How Do I Use a Makeup Fixer?

  • Shake the bottle: If your fixer has been sitting around for too long or even if not, it is always advisable to shake the bottle before each application as that allows any ingredients that might have separated to mix again, ensuring a smooth finish without running down your face.
  • Hold it away from your face: Hold the spray about 10 to 12 inches away from the face to ensure you get just the right amount of product, not too much or too little. This will also help your makeup dry faster.
  • Spray it all over your face: Keep your eyes closed. Start by spraying your face from top to bottom, ensuring you have covered all areas of your face and neck. If you feel like a few areas weren’t covered, you can spot spray over those areas, but from the required distance.
  • Let it dry naturally: While it is a little challenging for most of us to sit still and do nothing, this step is crucial as the longevity of your makeup look depends on it. So sit still, as hard as it may be.

Makeup fixers are makeup essentials not just for professional makeup artists but also for any makeup enthusiasts who wish to sustain their look throughout the day, because who loves faded makeup, right? A makeup fixer is crucial for your makeup routine especially during the summer as it prevents your makeup from melting, smudging, creasing, or fading.

Now that you know the benefits of a makeup fixer and its important role in your makeup routine, we hope you get the right makeup fixer for you. Let us know in the comments below if you enjoyed reading this article as much as we enjoyed writing about it.

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