How to Remove Fake EyeLashes: Dos and Dont’s

How to Remove Fake EyeLashes: Dos and Dont’s
After flaunting the beautiful long lashes all day, the dreaded task of taking them off looms. Removing Fake eyelashes can be quite tedious, almost as much as the necessity of double cleansing after a long day!
Sticking the fake lashes using lash glue keeps them in place, especially if you have used the PAC Lash Fixer Adhesive; the lashes are not budging from their place all day! But taking the lashes off once their use is done can be tricky business!
So let us help you so you take those lashes off as safely as you put them on! Here are some dos and dont’s to consider when you are taking off your fake lashes:

Let us dive into the don’ts first as it is always better to know what not to do than to do it already and later know it wasn't supposed to be done! (Haven’t we all been there though? :p)

1. Do Not Pull Out Fake Lashes Directly
As tempting and simple as this might seem, please don’t do it! The skin around the eyes is very thin and sensitive. Pulling out the lashes directly can damage the skin and your natural eyelashes.
2. Do Not Rub Your Eyelids with Water
Most lash glues are now made with waterproof/resistant formulas to maintain a stronghold. Rubbing your eyelids with water will only create a mess and might result in pulling out the lashes without the glue being completely dissolved. This could damage the fake lashes or cause you to pluck out some of your natural lashes.
3. Do Not Cut the Lashes in Hopes They Will Come Off
This is one of the most important points! Do not cut the fake lashes to remove them from your eyelids. Cutting them can damage both your fake and natural lashes. Just continue reading to learn the correct removal method!

DOs :
Now, let us look at the correct ways to take off those fake lashes so you don’t damage your fake or natural lashes in the process!

1. Use a Gentle Cleansing Balm
Take a small amount of a cleansing balm like PAC Total Clean Cleansing Balm and gently apply it over your eyelids. Massage it slightly and let it sit for a few seconds to break down the glue. Once the fake lash loosens, gently pull it off.
2. Use Micellar Water on a Q-tip
Apply a few drops of oil-based micellar water to a Q-tip and gently rub it over the fake lash. Continue until the lash loosens, and then gently pull the fake lash off.
3. Clean Any Glue Residue
Sometimes, even after removing the fake lash, some glue residue might remain. Use a makeup wipe like PAC Clean Slate Wipe to remove any leftover residue from your eyelid.
4. Always Double Cleanse!
Double cleansing is crucial! Use a gentle face cleanser to wash your face and remove any remaining product residue.
5. Moisturize
Finally, use an eye cream to moisturize the area and keep it hydrated and smooth. PAC Hydro Fuse Eye Cream provides intense moisturization and combats wrinkles and dryness under the eyes.

So these were a few dos and don’ts for taking off fake lashes from your eyes! Follow these simple guidelines and keep your natural and fake lashes safe and healthy! Also, check out PAC’s fake eyelashes range on to up your lash game and keep your eyes looking beautiful as and when you like!

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