Lash Like a Pro: Mastering the Art of Eyelash Glue Application

Lash Like a Pro: Mastering the Art of Eyelash Glue Application
Don’t you just love it when those eyelashes that are long and beautiful make you feel all Bonita??*blinks in slow motion*
If you have those long eyelashes naturally, first of all, how does it feel to be God’s favorite?! Second of all, you can go take a look at PAC No Worries Mascara to add the right lift to those beautiful lashes!

And to all the other lovelies who dream of having these pretty lashes, we have 2 words for you - False Eyelashes! False Eyelashes are a great way to instantly change your eye look and add drama to those eyes. Plus, you can choose from a wide range of lashes depending on the look you wish to achieve, be it wispy-looking natural length or full-volume lashes. You should check out PAC’s Tapered Lashes comes in a variety of 11 styles of lashes to pick from!

Once you’ve took your pick at the lashes you would like to have, there comes the slightly tricky part, sticking them on! While this sounds like a tedious job to do, once you’ve mastered the technique and used the right products, it really is not that difficult. So here are a few steps you can master the art of putting on false lashes!

Select the right lash glue!
The very first step is making sure you pick the right lash glue! Here are some pointers to keep in mind before choosing a lash glue:
  • Waterproof and Sweatproof
  • Strong fix in less product
  • Non-irritant to skin
  • Precision applicator

Now, we don’t mean to brag, but  PAC Lash Fixer Eyelash Adhesive is kind of the most popular eyelash glue among the makeup artist community, and one must always trust the pros! Using an eyelash glue that checks all these boxes will ensure that the product does not move from its place nor cause any irritation to the skin.

Clear or Black Eyelash adhesive?
Eyelash glues mostly come in 2 color variants such as black and clear. The clear ones will become transparent as they dry, while the black variant dries with a black finish visible on the lids.
If you want the lashes to look subtle and blended with your natural lashes, clear eyelash adhesive is what you should go with. On the other hand, if you are going for a bold eye look, black adhesive will be a good pick as it blends with your eyeliner and creates a dramatic look with fuller and voluminous-looking lashes.

How to Apply?
Finally the most important step - the application! Before you apply the eyelashes, make sure all the other steps of your eye makeup are done except the mascara. Once you’re satisfied with the eye look, the final touch remains the lashes. So keep your desired eyelashes handy and make sure you have already checked that the length of the lashes matches the fit of your eyelids. You can always trim the false eyelashes per your desired length. Once it’s done, just place the lashes on your eyelids to do a final check on the size and if it looks perfect, only then you go in with the glue following the steps:
  • Always use a mirror that is more accessible, like a table mirror.
  • With your picked shade of the lash adhesive, apply a thin layer of glue with the precise tip on the lash line of the false eyelash.
  • Let the lash glue sit for about 30 seconds before you apply the eyelash in place
  • Carefully place the false eyelash on your eyelid, keeping the center of the eyelash close to your eyelid, and gently press the ends into place
  • Do not blink or wink during the entire process and let the glue dry out completely before you blink too fast once the lashes are applied.
  • Repeat the same on the other eye and you’re done!
  • Apply a thin coat of mascara if needed to add a slight lift to the lashes.

That’s it beauties! But if you are still doubtful about your precision and worried that you might place the eyelashes wrong, you can use PAC Eyelash Applicator to simplify the process even further! Yep, has really got you covered in every way!

Now go slow-blink your way through life with eyes that look nothing but Bonita!

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